Cash On Delivery

Cash on Delivery is one of our payment methods and has the advantage of you not having to pay anything in advance. The basic process is:

  • You order from our website
  • We acknowledge the order and prepare the order
  • The order is delivered when stated and once at your door you are obliged to pay whatever is on the invoice generated.

There are no extra charges for Cash on Delivery meaning that we will only collect the amount printed on the invoice to you.

Swipe on Delivery

This is the next level of delivery payment to your front door. Using Swipe on Delivery

  • The customer can swipe their Credit/Debit card for the payment of an order when our delivery arrives at your doorstep
  • Once the transaction is completed successfully the customer needs to sign the generated receipt for our personal records
  • Once that is done the consignment is handed over.

Advance Payment

An advance payment is a sum of money that is provided in advance of us delivering your products to you. Such a payment will require full payment in advance.